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SEO Monitoring & Statistics

Website Programming Optimization This includes meta tag development, text revisions, and other changes that we submit to your website designer for implementation. This is essential to optimize your website prior to submitting to the...

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Search Engine Indexing

Posting your site to the various Search Engines and Listing Sites is an important step in generating sales traffic to your Web Site. I furnish a report of the sites on which you are...

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Online and Media Advertising Services

Online Advertising can be a highly effective method of brand-building and further increasing targeted traffic to your Web site. I provide a comprehensive campaign management service that encompasses the following: Media research Media planning...

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Most Used Offer for Internet Marketing

Indexing of the site in search engines and directories Creating or editing meta tags and title tags, Page layout structure changes and HTML code optimization. Create copy and templates for content-rich doorway pages. Integrate...

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e-Mail Marketing Services

e-Mail has long been described as the Internet’s ‘Killer Application’ because of its reach, speed, simplicity and its unique style of one-to-one communication. Some of the key advantages of E-mail Marketing are: Response (clickthrough)...