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Cognitive bias

A cognitive bias is a pattern of thought, due to deviation of the judgment. The term bias refers to systematic deviation from reality. The study of cognitive biases is the subject of numerous studies...

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Animal-machine is an etiological hypothesis that animals are machines. Such as machinery, animals would be assemblies of parts and machinery, devoid of conscience or thought. This design is born by René Descartes in the...

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Astrology is a set of traditions and beliefs that argues that the position of the planets in the solar system provides information to analyze or predict collective or individual human events. The popular use...

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Peer review

In science, peer review means the collective activity of researchers who consider critically the work of other researchers (their “peers”). These assessments can be for a specific search submitted for publication in a scientific...

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Cognition is the scientific term used to describe the set of mental processes that relate to the knowledge of function such as memory, language, reasoning, learning, intelligence, problem solving, decision making, perception or attention....

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Philosophy of law

Philosophy of law (not to be confused with the theory of law, including distinction made by Hans Kelsen in the “Pure Theory of Law“) is the study and analysis of the concepts and fundamental...