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Domains of Translation

Technical Fields Translation I have accumulated extensive experience in the translation of complex documents which deal with diverse technological areas. Software Localization Software localization is adapting software to operate in a foreign marketplace without...

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Secretarial Services

Typing & Scanning Want to digitalize your paper or image files? I type your handwriting documents and scan your printing documents accurately and timely. I handle large data projects for the needs of many...

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Desktop Publishing Service (DTP)

I can design and produce:   Forms (paper or electronic) Technical manuals Brochures Newsletters Flyers and postcards Catalogs Mass mailings Tables and charts Personalized cards and invitations Stationery Brochures Business Cards Invitations Directories Greeting...

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Evolution of the definition of science

Science (Latin scientia, “knowledge”) is “what we know to have learned, what we take to be true in a broad sense, all knowledge, studies of universal value characterized by an object (field) and a...